The Venus Factor Reviews – Know The Real Truth!

The evidence for the negative effects of obesity on women’s health is unquestionable and staggering. Obesity or excessive body fat has become a severe health threat for women at every stage of their life. It is considered a serious cause in more than 30 conditions that affect women. As the pervasiveness of obesity has developed considerably, obesity has become the second largest cause of treatable deaths worldwide. Millions of women worldwide are overweight or obese. Being overweight puts women at danger for numerous health problems. The healthiest way to lose weight is neither drastic diet plans nor bursts of intense exercise. The body likes slow variation in terms of both food and exercise.

Women who have not exercised for years should not blitz into running miles a day or pounding the treadmill. Not only will the battle to do so leave them feeling discouraged and demoralized but they are also far more likely to hurt themselves and set their fitness levels back further. Internet is flooded with numerous fitness programs but almost all of them fail to produce any desired and effective results. Women work out routinely for months and sometimes years too, yet their scale creeps up. Many women fail to lose weight despite showing up in gym every single day.

Here comes a perfect program for those women who have tried everything possible but yet nothing seems to work for them. “Venus Factor”, a program written by John Barban. It is emerging as one of the most popular weight loss programs to hit today’s fitness market. The chief aim of this diet-plan is to reshape and transform a female body. An amazing program finding that could help to fight plumpness.

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What is Venus Factor?

John Barban claims that a diet that suits one woman might not suit another woman. Therefore, the main purpose of this program is to deal every single woman differently from another. It takes into attention what each individual woman’s body might be like. Venus Factor consists of a Venus Index. It takes up the entire information of a woman regarding her waist, hip and height measurements into attention to spring up with the perfect set of measurements for their particular body.

Introducing Venus Index

The Venus Index decides where women need to go next to wrap up with the shape they really desire for. Many women will wish to shed unwanted pounds while some of them who are malnourished and sickly looking would want to gain it. Whatever their personal situation might be, the Venus Factor program will help them think through and determine how to eat and exercise accordingly to get where they need to be.

Women who follow extreme diet plans end up getting anemic or surrendering in hopelessness and distress. Quick-fix diets can give rise to extreme weight loss followed by weight gain, resulting in a monstrous cycle. Irregular eating pattern spoils a woman’s body metabolism which makes it difficult to lose weight in the first place. But this program contains a body-centric eating guide that instructs women how to eat and what to eat in order to get into a perfect shape.

Diets that harshly bound calories can lead women to be lacking in the nutrients and vitamins that their body requires. The body centric eating guide helps women drop unwanted pounds in terms of permanently modifying their eating pattern. The Venus Factor Phases of Venus Factor

On the other hand, the Venus Factor manual is split into three most important phases and is twelve weeks long. Each phase consists of a certain plan and routine to chase. It includes a number of pictures and videos tutorials that help women confirm that they are on the right track and doing everything exactly they are supposed to do. The best thing about the Venus Factor program is that the workout plans are all an ideal balance between easy to follow and effective. These workouts need women to use basic instruments like dumbbells, bench and a workout mat.

Easy To Follow Workout Plans

The daily workout plans tied to the Venus Factor comprise of extremely easy to follow exercises that women can start doing at home the second they lay their hands on this program. A woman’s weight is the result of many factors. These factors include family history, metabolism, behavior and more. Women cannot change some factors, such as family history. However, they can change other factors such as their habits and behavior.

The Venus Factor program makes all women follow a healthy eating plan and keep their calorie needs in mind. It lets women stay physically active and try to lessen the amount of time that they are inactive. Reaching and then sticking around at a healthy weight is a long-term challenge for women who are overweight. But it is also a chance to reduce their risk for other serious health diseases and problems. This program gives the right treatment and encouragement to women and makes it possible for them to lose weight and lessen their long-term disease risk.

Main Goal of The Program

The Venus Factor helps women to shed their unwanted weight in a healthy way without starvation, bizarre supplements or eliminating entire food groups. This program is all about small sacrifices combined with specific techniques. However, the main purpose of this plan is to help women get that ideal preferred body shape they have been trying to get for decades.

This program does not give women specific regulated courses or a monotonous regimen, it figures out women are more likely to hook up with a plan if they pick the eating and exercise strategies that fit their lifestyle. The best thing about this program that captures women attention worldwide is that it does not make women give up their favorite foods. Instead of following extreme crash diets, women actually learn how to modify their habits in a way that helps them maintain the body they really desire for.

What Is It That Works So Well In The Venus Factor Program Than Other Weight Loss Systems?

Now one must think that what exactly is this spectacular system all about which guarantees not only ultimate weight loss but also a lean and toned feminine body? The Venus Factor’s prime focus is on the scientifically proven fact that everything that has to do with our weight is related to one master hormone .It controls all the things in the body related to fat and weight loss.


This magic hormone is known as Leptin and controls the fat burning or storing process. Increase in Leptin levels tells the body to burn fat and decrease in its levels tells the body to store fat resulting in obesity. Women naturally have double the amount of this fat burning hormone as compared to men but unfortunately women are less responsive to leptin signals to burn fat than men. But there is less to worry about as the Venus Factor tells us exactly what to do in order to make the female body susceptible to leptin sensitivity.

Should Women Buy It?

The Venus Factor guarantees 100% success rate with complete satisfaction and 60-Days Money Back Guarantee, most definitely explains the hype surrounding this product. With thousands of satisfied users all around the world and without any complaints, it is undoubtedly a must-buy product for all those women looking to get a perfect model size figure. Interested folks should buy the product from the official website by clicking the link below. The Venus Factor Trial

Lose Weight Fast and Keep It Off With The Venus Factor

Instigated by John Barban, The Venus Factor is an advanced weight loss program that is specifically designed for women to get lean body within a short time span. With effective tips to burn those ugly calories fast, this amazing weight loss program comes in a digital PDF file. It gives a target of couple of weeks to get that sassy bikini body swiftly yet safely.

Moreover, the Venus Factor weight loss program also provides complete guidelines of healthy foods to lose fat in an effective way. This program doesn’t teach to rely on pills that claim natural weight loss in a week or two and are being sold frequently in the markets today. This is a step wise method that is easy to follow and help melt the fat, turning the flabby body in to a sexy figure.

How Does It Work?

Who wants to gain weight once they have taken in so many capsules to cut down those stubborn skin hugging carbohydrates? None of you would even want to dream of it again in your lifetime. But to be truthful this would happen if you will not give your body the time it requires to shed those kilos. Therefore, it is suggested that a proper plan to be followed regularly as to say bye to the calories forever. The Venus Factor

When you can gather so much courage to try eating those wonder capsules then why can’t you put in some extra effort to reduce your body’s excess luggage which has become the sheer trouble maker just like a speed breaker in the middle of a smooth streaming life?

Venus Factor is the program which will only ask for devoted 12 weeks from your heavy body, so that it tries to shrink to a normal and attractive size we all will love to rejoice one day. Is it asking for too much? But you can do anything to fight against these increasing layers of fats, right? It works in a simple way as it is divided into 3 phases that will extent up to a total of 12 weeks. Each phase occupies the time period of 4 weeks.

For your better understanding of the plan, pictures, explanations and other kinds of visual aid is provided to you with the purpose that you will follow it correctly to hit your goal in the prescribed time required in the Venus Factor program.

Moreover, even the exercises by Mr. Barban are not repetitive i.e. you just won’t feel that it’s a monotonous routine you are being forced to follow unwillingly. Workouts will be done three times a week and you can do a lot of those exercises in just 1 set. This is what can be carried on a busy day as well because it is just three times that you have to manage doing the exercises.

Some Pros and Cons:

As it is based on the proper workout plan therefore, it is for every woman who is healthy enough to perform the tasks and need not to worry about calories too much. This summarizes that you do not have to ask your taste buds to get used to those tasteless cereals or meals every day. Only your health will be a boosting factor in covering up this plan because no expensive gym equipment will be needed and just a digital download will be sent to you. If this fails, though it won’t, if you’ll prove to be really willful in allocating proper time to your workout schedule then it also gives you the offer of 100% money back guarantee. Isn’t it amazing?

How Does Female Metabolism Work?

Besides its wonderful plan there are some problems or issues that are definitely going to hinder some of its customer’s desired targets set on losing weight. This program as it says will not be able to show you a model figure as your mirror reflection in a week or so, for that reason it will be popular among the ones who will dedicatedly work on it with the top up of intrinsic motivation.

Furthermore, it is not for a man, and for women as well the instruction clearly declares to stick to the plan to enjoy a better result. If you are physically unfit for the workouts then you must not bother downloading this digital product as it is hinged on workouts excessively.

More About The Venus Factor Program:

You are not to compare yourself with anyone as Venus Index is only about bringing to you what is your own body in a better way groomed after weeks of hard toiling in following the workout program consistently. It endeavors at showing you your original self after a series of weight lifting and strength exercises.

Leptin Hormone – An Authoritative Factor In Shaping Body Weight

Leptin is a protein hormone with authoritative validness in shaping and regularizing body weight, metabolism and reproductive function. Leptin is uttered preponderantly by adipocytes, which accommodates with the thought that body weight is perceived as an overall mass of fat in the body. Leptin is an authoritative factor in the long term regulation of body weight. Modern researches have demonstrated that with obese and non-obese human beings exhibited a substantial correlation of serum leptin concentrations with percentage of body fat. It comes along as adipocytes steps up in sizing due to accumulation of triglyceride, they synthesize more and more leptin. In addition, leptin supplies the body with an index of nutritional condition.

Leptin Hormone

Leptin’s effects on body weight are interceded through effects on hypothalamic centers which hold in feeding behavior, hunger, energy expenditure and body temperature. The mechanisms by which leptin maintains its upshots on metabolism are still to be identified and are quite complex. Dieting ensue in decline of both fat and lean mass, treatment with leptin boosts lipolysis in adipose tissue but has no evident and ostensible effect on lean tissue. As we all are aware of the fact that starvation seemingly bears upon reproductive functions of a human body, low body fat in females is usually tied in with surcease of menstrual cycles. Likewise, the onrush of pubescence is known to link up with body condition and also with age.

An Intermediator Of Long Term Ordinance Of Energy Balance

Leptin is basically an intermediator of long term ordinance of energy balance, stamping down food consumption and hence bringing on weight loss. As a growing number of people undergo obesity, interpreting the mechanisms through which several hormones and neurotransmitters have causation on energy balance has been a cognitive content of modifier research. Leptin has been known as the obesity hormone, fat hormone or starvation hormone. Moreover, Leptin is the route by which a person’s fat cells tell their brain that their energy regulator is laid out right. Leptin narrates to the brain that it has sufficient energy deposited in its fat cells to occupy in normal metabolic processes.

When leptin levels are at a particular threshold for each person, it is credibly genetically set when their leptin level is higher than that threshold, the brain detects that the person has energy adequacy which clearly specifies that they can squander energy at a normal rate, eat food at a normal amount, occupy in daily routine exercises at a normal rate and they can also engross in processes like pregnancy and pubescence. Giving leptin only helps in a couple of infrequent uncommon cases in the world in which people make no leptin at all, which causes them to gorge food and become over weight.

Leptin Dietary Supplements

There are countless dietary supplements available in the market to attend with basic leptin nutrition. These weight management boosters are specifically created to help cut down body fat and forestall excessive fat from barricading the function of leptin and thyroid hormone helps hold in appetite, bring down food cravings, raise metabolism and upgrade stable blood sugar. These pills are considered to be the best nutritional supplements to help defeat food cravings.

Leptin Resistance

In addition, a lot of these medicinal suppressants come along to be specified at reaching absolute wellbeing, helping balance other hormones or optimizing health so that the body starts to react to leptin far more suitably and befittingly, also lets the person to feel full. As for supplementation effects on leptin working, the picture is vague and more exploration and consideration is distinctly required. Rather than using up medicinal suppressants that have not been completely established to help, experts recommend that obese individuals have other options to ameliorate leptin functioning. Some experts hash out bringing down resistance to insulin and also to relegate high levels of triglycerides. While some experts advise that leptin may concern women’s fertility.

The Venus Factor Weight Loss Program by John Barban

The Venus Factor” is a weight loss program developed by John Barban who happens to be proficient in the field of nutrition. He is an experienced dietitian who has helped a number of women through his breakthrough weight control program to diminish extra pounds safely at home with a salubrious diet plan and exercise regimen which is free from all side effects. The best thing about the Venus Factor system is that the workout plans are an ideal balance between easy to follow and efficacious. The Venus Factor diet takes in cognition of the importance of the Leptin hormone.

The Venus Factor is one program which renders people with a bottomless detailed explanation of how they can increase their body’s sensitivity to leptin and so drop off unwanted pounds far more quickly. This is a revolutionary diet plan to cut down excess body fat. It is the secret to getting more energy from less food. This is not a crash diet but a lifestyle for eating in the right way.

Assuredly, the five rules of the Leptin diet are do not eat after dinner, give yourself eleven to twelve hours between dinner and breakfast, wind up eating dinner at least 3 hours before bedtime, plan on taking three meals every day, avoid eating large meals and eat a breakfast which contains protein. The program comes with a workout schedule which is arranged in different steps. Women would not need any unnecessary overpriced exercise instruments. These workouts can be easily performed at home, at the gym, or outdoor.

Hands down The Venus Factor is the only fitness program available in the market today which can modify women’s way of living and step up their fitness levels that will be beneficial for them in the long run.

The Venus Factor – A Pure and Healthy Weight Loss Program

The coveted perfect body can be difficult to achieve. People exert themselves to some humdrum weight control diet program. The Venus Factor weight loss course can be used by any woman belonging to any age group, explains the publicity surrounding this product.

If the term exercise encourages you to originative dodging, then fend it off. Maybe the conjuring trick to undergoing a workout plan may be to never call it working out. People who are fed up of following extreme crash diets need to follow the amazing healthy tips mentioned here. natural weight loss foods

In order to lose weight, people should burn calories and stimulate their muscles by riding a motorcycle, beachcombing, grass skiing, making snow angels, hiking, washing the car, water coloring their bedroom, playing Frisbee or trailing the dog in a piece of land. It all adds up. It saves their time and offers them with better alternatives. It builds people’s fitness knowledge and teaches them the power of positive eating.

If people start walking twice a day for 10 to 15 minutes and get into a few of these tips, they may find themselves with a low squeeze. To drop extra pounds, there are a few factors that one must ruminate for their weight loss to be efficacious. The coveted perfect body can be difficult to achieve.

People exert themselves to some humdrum weight control diet program. These diet courses tell them to ostracize their late-night meals, enthrall over old-fashioned oatmeals, and halt after consuming one piece of chocolate cake. That is like telling a junkie to have just a little crack. These diet plans are ineffectual. There is everything wrong about it. These plans never seem to work. Instead of wishing for miracles, people should be steering for fast and positive results.

The Venus Factor is one program which consists of a workout plan which is evenly important because having toned muscles will keep people’s skin from crumbling downwardly and stacking away fat stick outs. This weight loss system not only makes people come through lasting weight loss success but also rarify a better relationship with food. This Venus Factor has proved to be highly effective for women worldwide. It teaches people that no matter what their age is, they should not have a let off to overlook their fitness.

This impressive Venus Factor weight loss program is considered to have revolutionized the weight control, fat burning and shedding pounds procedures. The best part about this system that has captured a lot of attention from women is that it promises 100% customer gratification and 60 day money back guarantee. It can be used by any woman belonging to any age group, explains the publicity surrounding this product.

Venus Factor Weight Loss

John Barban – Man Behind The Venus Factor and Many Other Famous Fitness Products

John Barban is a skilled dietitian who has facilitated a number of people to drop off excessive pounds safely at home.

Proficient In The Field Of Nutrition

John Barban is a proficient in the field of nutrition, who has used a miscellany of techniques and strategies to develop a number of breakthrough weight loss systems that can reach results where other nutritional all curb diet plans and workouts have disappointed customers and conked out.

John Barban has made a name and a brand for himself by confuting the most popular fitness and nutrition research that has been around for several years. His dedication and sincerity to what he comprehends is the bringing out of a smashing lie of the fitness industry can be visualized in large revelation by the blogs he brings forth for both his critics and evaluators. John Barban

He came into his newly found delegacy in solemn. He studied fitness and nutrition at the Canadian University of Guelph in Ontario. While he was studying in Ontario, his passion for the subject and way of life got highly developed and formulated. He then showed immense interest in Human Biology and Nutrition and went on to get his Masters degree in the same field. The Masters program revolved about integrated and mechanism oriented patophysiology and pharmacology which gave John a comprehensive and visceral understanding of the human organism in health and disease.

John also studied the detailed anatomy of the movement of the human body and therefore, he is a certified Kinesiologist. He was a dedicated professional to the ideology of being the best that any individual can possibly be, physically and nutritionally. Moreover, John took interest to further his studies at the University of Florida where he attempted to do research and taught at the same university.

The Most Spectacular Fitness Expert Today

John Barban is a skilled dietitian who has facilitated a number of people to drop off excessive pounds safely at home with a healthy diet and exercise plan which is free from all side effects. He has done the legwork for people and provides them with the best health tips which give them a boost. John Barban, who happens to be the most spectacular fitness expert today came up with a program called “The Venus Factor” which was specifically created to help women to not only lose unwanted weight but to reshape their body and maintain that for a life time.

The Venus Factor not only makes women come through lasting weight loss success but also pass off a healthier relationship with food. The program is filled with some classic tips from our favorite health and nutrition expert John Barban. On the other hand, John developed “Adonis Golden Ratio”, a fitness manual for men which clearly specifies exactly what men need to do in order to stay fit and salubrious throughout their life.

In all his fitness programs, John teaches people that getting obese does not mean people have an excuse to ignore their fitness. He leaves people with the right amount of confidence in their abilities to defeat their weight problems and start being proactive about their health decisions.

How Does The Venus Factor Help Fight Obesity in Women?

The Venus Factor contains a workout manual, agenda and an eating guide that helps women fall upon the idealistic body shape they have been dreaming to fall upon.

Obesity In Women

Women’s weight is a reconciliation act and nutritionist’s calories are part of that leveling. Fad diets may forebode that sorting out curbs or running through a ton of grapefruit will make the unwanted weight fall behind. But when it comes to weight control or weight loss, it is energy units and kilocalories that matters. Obesity in Women

Weight loss comes down to wiping out more calories than women actually absorb and put them across. Women can do that by cutting down redundant kilocalories from nutrients and increasing calories burned over through physical activeness. Once women interpret this leveling, they are prepared to lay out their weight loss goals and create a plan in order to get hold of it.

Significant Changes In Lifestyle

However, women certainly do not have to do it alone. They can talk to their doctor, family and friends for support. They should even ask themselves if now is a good time and if they are prepared to make some significant changes in their lifestyle. Also, plan intelligently and prognosticate how they will keep in line situations that contend their purpose and the fateful pardonable blows.

If women have critical health problems because of their excessive weight, their doctor may recommend weight loss surgeries, appetite suppressants and drugs for them. In this case, women and their doctor will need to thoroughly hash out in detail the possible benefits and the expected performances and perils. When it comes to weight loss, there is no dearth of health and fitness programs. Women should look into any magazine stand and certainly they are hold into see the current and latest diet courses that have taken the web by a storm.

To keep off their weight, the calories women consume must commensurate the energy they wipe off. To drop off excessive pounds, women must take in more calories than they usually consume.

The Venus Factor by John Barban

Maintaining an able-bodied weight is necessary. If women are scraggy, fleshy or corpulence then they have a higher peril of suffering from specific health diseases. Coming through an able-bodied weight can help women control their cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar. It might also help them forestall weight related problems, such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and some cancers. Eating too much or not being physically active enough will make women fleshy.

In order to drop off weight, women should consider using a program called “The Venus Factor” which contains a workout manual, agenda and an eating guide that helps women fall upon the idealistic body shape they have been dreaming about for years. The twelve week long workout guide is conked out into three stages.

Throughout these stages, women are provided with a detailed exercise routine to abide by. It assess a woman’s calorie consumption based on their hip, waist and height measurement and then tells them a proper meal and energy unit they need day after day to arrive at their idealistic weight loss goal.

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